THIS is what America Looks Like

Dinner for snowbound Tru neighbors from Longhorn Steakhouse Lancaster East

The night of December 16, 2020, with snow falling at a rate of 2″ per hour and 18″ total in the forecast, the Tru by Hilton Lancaster East overnight team and their guests were snowbound. Folks wondered who would be bold enough to venture out for dinner with the roads all but impassable.

Then what to their wondering eyes did appear but a crew from next door, the place with the steer. Yes, our Longhorn neighbors brought dinner for everyone holed up at the hotel that night. Not DoorDash. Not curbside. Not even ordered. Just neighbors helping neighbors in need.

Thank you so much Longhorn Lancaster East for demonstrating that we live in the best place on earth. You serve a darned good steak, too.

Friends, this is what America looks like. Merry Christmas!

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