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Alabama Tornadoes

 Many of you are aware of the severe storms and tornadoes that caused massive destruction to the southeasternUnited States. My hometown inSweet HomeAlabama, and neighboring counties were affected leaving many families displaced. Because so many of those affected are without insurance or monetary resources, a local church (EPIC Church an official EMA drop-off center) in my hometown has found a great deal on 30 foot camper style trailers to provide housing. One of these trailers costs $2,000. Their goal is to secure funding for 20+ trailers.  I would like to open up this opportunity to any of you that want to do something but may not know how to help. This is one opportunity. 

If you would like to join me, please make a check out to Epic Church, PO Box 2746 Decatur, AL 35602 and in the memo write Tornado Relief: Trailer Fund. You can drop it by my office or give it to Teresa.  I am asking you to please send all donations to me by Thursday because time is critical. If you cannot get a check to me by Thursday and would still like to donate, you can mail it directly to Epic Church. It is 100% tax deductible, but in order to get a tax credit to you, please provide your name and address along with your check. 

Thanks so much for considering!

Hospitably Yours,


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Help Springwood Hospitality “Stick it to Hunger” Today!

Springwood Hospitality gladly supports the local food bank and is conducting a food drive April 11th to April 28th.  Thank you for joining us in the fight against hunger!

Please click on the link to read all the details and where food donations are accepted.  Springwood Hospitality Food Drive Details


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