Justice from Relationships

Springwood Hospitality is happy to be based in York County, PA, where law enforcement and local clergy have been engaged in helpful, respectful, and relationship-building dialogue since 2016. Does it solve everything that must be solved? Absolutely not.

What it does do is bring about a cooperative effort, born of mutual respect, between leaders in law enforcement county-wide and pastors of diverse congregations county-wide. This group meets monthly to dialogue, learn from each other, and drive each other to improve.

From relationships comes trust. It helps not only when you have the police chief’s mobile number, but also when you know he’ll actually listen to you if you call it. The feedback that chiefs have received from this dialogue has helped them clean up some unacceptable behavior on the part of a few officers who were not adhering to policy. Mutually beneficial dialogue is always – well – mutually beneficial.

Why were York County’s recent racial protests peaceful and powerful? It all started with the dialogue that began years ago and continues today. This group recently published its official position on the events surrounding the George Floyd incident. We at Springwood wholeheartedly add our corporate signature to their statement, which we’ve printed in its entirety below:



We offer our deepest sympathies, condolences, and prayers to the family and friends of Mr. George Floyd.

The York County Association of Chiefs of Police and local clergy, including the Black Ministers Association of York County, stand united in our outrage and condemnation of the reprehensible use of deadly force by police officers in Minneapolis, MN that led to the senseless and tragic death of Mr. George Floyd. There can be no allowance in law enforcement for officers who commit such heinous acts, or for officers who fail to intervene and stop the commission of these acts. We hold faith that the criminal actions of the officers will be charged appropriately as a result of a thorough investigation.

The policing of our community is a high and noble calling that requires our community’s police officers to possess the highest integrity and fairness. The York County Association of Chiefs of Police continues to uphold our commitment that law enforcement officers treat all individuals, whether they are a complainant, suspect, or defendant, with the full dignity and respect they deserve as human beings. It is our commitment to hold our own law enforcement officers to the highest standards of accountability when they fail to abide by these standards. We hold these principles as the bedrock upon which procedural justice and police legitimacy stand.

As Chiefs of Police and Clergy, we stand united in the pursuit of a thriving and just York County.

About Our Partnership

It was our joint concern over unrest in our nation surrounding the fair policing of our communities that led us to begin meeting together in 2016. Since 2016, our vision has been that York develop a reputation as One York: a peaceful and thriving community whereas:

  • Mutual respect, trust, transparency, and cooperation exist between law enforcement and community
  • Our community is policed with fairness and justice resulting in safety and peace

Signed in unity together,

Chief Timothy Damon, York Area Regional Police

Pastor Bill Kerney, President, Black Ministers Association

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