Springwood a CPBJ “Top 50 Fastest Growing Company”

For the second time in five years, Springwood has made the Central Penn Business Journal list of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies (see link here) in central Pennsylvania.

In 2011 we were included with Springwood Real Estate Services, and our combined growth put us at #37 the list.  This time, it’s Springwood Hospitality on its own; Springwood Real Estate Services sold substantially all of its operations two years ago.  We’ll have to wait until the awards banquet to see our ranking on this year’s list.

We’re setting all sorts of new company records for growth and profitability.  It’s exciting to be working with so many new associates who truly fit the Springwood culture, and to be working exclusively with Hilton and Marriott brands.  It’s also exciting to be serving so many new investors, and to have several new banking relationships.

We’re building the best hotel company in the United States, and last year’s growth was an important step on that path.  Please consider joining with us – as an investor, a lender, or an associate – as we build a truly great hotel company, right here in central Pennsylvania.

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