David Hogg: York County History Center could be York’s Next Big Thing

Every now and then we chime in on what we believe will help drive a community forward.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life in each community that we serve.

Our home town of York, PA is undergoing a renaissance (that I helped, in a small way, to start when I was Chairman of the Convention and Visitors Bureau), and I feel it’s time for the next big driver for this renaissance.  My editorial below was a plea to York’s leadership to do the right thing and actually create a tourism asset, rather than simply spending a whole lot of money on things that matter only to locals.

By doing this, they will help create a new tourism driver that will benefit everyone, including Springwood Hospitality and the many investors it serves.  Here’s the article:  http://www.ydr.com/letters/ci_28912472/david-hogg-new-history-center-at-colonial-complex

Dave Hogg

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