HO Gauge Ferrari
I found this little car while searching for old photos of my Dad, to display at his funeral service yesterday. He was a man who firmly believed that fulfillment in life comes from pursuing our personal goals.

The image of this little red car has stuck in my brain since I was 8 years old, and it has driven me to lust for a real, red Ferrari ever since. It’s the HO-gauge slot car that I raced quite often against my brother’s Ford GT40 (in Gulf livery). I could never shake the image of either car.

I confessed this lust to my Dad a quarter-century ago, and he told me, “Then you’d better start your own business, because you’ll never be able to buy a Ferrari working for someone else.” I started my own business 18 years ago, and today Springwood provides a good living for nearly 100 people, including several who have become my closest compatriots.

Finding that old car at the bottom of a musty box this week gave me nearly as big a thrill as finding the real thing in my driveway.

Dave Hogg

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