Service Got You Down?

Service photoI’d hate to be in the shoes of a millionaire who wanders into this establishment with “only” a $100,000-limit Visa card and a wallet full of $50 bills.


The following words of wisdom are strictly for those of us who elect – of our own free will – to go into the service business.  If you ever feel like posting something as uninviting as these signs at your primary guest interface, please do one or more of the following instead:

  1. Take a beach vacation.  (Maybe some “chill time” will knock some sanity back into you.)
  2. Go home and kick your pet.  Or go to a gym and kick a heavy bag.  Please, just kick something other than your guest.
  3. Visit a church on Sunday morning (God loves people more than anything;  perhaps you’ll learn from His example.)
  4. Find a different occupation.  (I hear they’re hiring 5,000 new IRS agents…)

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