Americans Plan to Spend More on Travel This Summer

(Edited down from a May 21, 2012 story By Kate Rice)

Americans plan to spend more on travel this summer than last year, according to a recent Orbitz survey.  More than half plan to spend over $1,500 on the trip, while only 39% said that in the 2011 survey.  77% plan on taking a vacation this summer.   56% plan to drive even though 60% said gas prices would impact their travel planning.

July is the hot travel month, with 31 percent saying they plan to travel during the month.  Orbitz said that New York City moved up from the sixth most popular destination in 2011 to the number two spot this year.

Nearly half of survey respondents are getting summer travel ideas through social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest.  Most American consumers plan to travel domestically (81%), and 19% are planning to travel internationally this year.

Dave Hogg

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